Commercially introduced in the 2009 growing season, LibertyLink® soybeans are a collaboration between MS Technologies™ and BASF. LibertyLink® soybeans are tolerant to glufosinate, an effective chemistry that powerfully combats a variety of weeds, including species that have shown resistance to many other modes of action. Additionally, growers benefit from the elite, high-yielding genetics used to develop LibertyLink® soybeans that are available for a wide range of geographies. The LibertyLink® system ensures growers powerful protection against weeds.

BASF has broadly licensed the LibertyLink® trait, enabling availability of LibertyLink® soybeans through more than 100 seed companies.

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Quick Facts about LibertyLink®

  • Collaboration MS Technologies, L.L.C. and BASF
  • Tolerances Glufosinate
  • First year in market 2009
  • Crops Soybeans